Senior Care Nurse with Elderly Woman

What does it mean to be a long-term care nurse?

The goals of long-term care nurses are to keep the residents safe, provide the best quality of life, and provide an enjoyable environment. Some residents may improve with therapy after a hospital stay but are still not capable of living back in the community.

Many residents spend months or even years with us, and we genuinely grow attached to them. Our nurses enjoy the stories our residents may tell us of their past. “I can make a resident’s day by giving a listening ear.” Even with dementia or memory loss, there are some beautiful memories these individuals can share. We see many residents daily, which means we become like family to the resident, developing lasting and valuable relationships.

I can make a resident’s day by giving a listening ear.”

Compared to an acute hospital, the ratio of nurses to residents is very different. A long-term care nurse may have 20 residents to take care of on their shift, whereas at the hospital, a nurse may have no more than 9. The long-term care facility becomes the home of the residents. We encourage families to bring essential items, such as pictures, to make their room more homelike.

Blackville Healthcare facility nurses are devoted to providing our residents with the best quality of life. For more information about our facility or to schedule a tour, contact us today! Interested in applying to become a Long-Term Care Nurse? Check out our Careers Page for Long-Term Senior Living Nursing Home Jobs in Barnwell County!