Rehab Success Story

Rehabilitation Success Story – Mrs. Effie

We are pleased to share another wonderful rehab success story!

Admitting Diagnosis: J96. l 1 – Chronic respiratory failure with hypoxia, COVID LOS: 2+ years Discharge Location: Previous Residence

Success Story: Mrs. Effie demonstrated decreased endurance, after her recent COVID-19 diagnosis and was only able to walk 20-30 feet with her rolling walker. Mrs. Effie exhibited unwavering self-motivation and as a result, she has displayed increased endurance. She is now able to walk beyond 150 feet with her rolling walker, bringing her back to her PLOF; increasing her ability to safely toilet with decreased assistance from her Caregivers.

OT: Mrs. Effie presented with the following deficits: decreased energy conservation, and safety awareness during toileting/dressing/grooming/ bathing. Mrs. Effie reports a sense of accomplishment and pride due to her being able to regain her ability to bathe, dress, and groom herself with set­ up assistance; especially, being able to shave her whiskers (which increased her quality of life and socialization with her peers) and decreased toileting and activities of daily living.

Great Job Mrs. Effie!

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