Handwashing as part of proper Infectious disease control at Blackville Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Committed to Excellent Infection Control Practices

Elaine Cooke, RN, our Director of Nursing, has worked tirelessly since the beginning of Covid-19 to stay current with all CDC and DHEC guidance to prevent the spread.

With March making it a year since we began this journey, we are as focused as ever on teaching, re-teaching, and practicing each and every day excellent infection control practices at our skilled nursing home. You may ask, what does this mean? Before entering the facility, all staff must have their temperature taken and answer a questionnaire to screen them for any risk of bringing Covid-19 into the facility. They must wear medical-grade face masks at all times and must use hand sanitizer upon entry. We teach proper hand-washing procedures to all of our employees and residents. All staff wash hands between caring for individual residents and use hand sanitizer very often.

As of March 1, 2021, most of our residents and staff have received both sets of Covid-19 vaccines. We will have access to the vaccines by mid-March on an as-needed basis for our newest residents and staff.

Our housekeeping staff routinely deep-clean all rooms and spaces. Additionally, as part of our 2021 innovation plan, we have added Hospital-grade UV-C Disinfection Technology to our cleaning regiment. The UV-C takes just a few minutes to kill 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces in a room (even remotes and phones!), including the human coronavirus.

If you have any questions about our infection control policies and procedures, feel free to contact us any time.