Nursing Home Activities

About Our Activities at Blackville!

Activities at our long-term care / skilled nursing home improve the quality of life of the residents. The benefits are psychologically, socially, spiritually, and physically. The residents make friendships with other residents. Many of our residents may not have active family support systems due to distance or other issues. 

Activities give structure to residents’ day, giving them a sense of safety, helping pass the time, and giving a purpose to their life. We are finally getting back to a bit of normalcy for our residents. There are no restrictions on family and friends visiting the residents. We do require screenings at the door and the wearing of a mask. We are still not doing large group activities so that we can maintain social distancing.

Several of our residents enjoyed outings and overnight stays with their families during the Christmas holidays. The month of December was very busy for our residents. 

Here is a list of our enrichment and activities from just the month of December!

  • The facility is decorated with Christmas trees, decorations, a large Santa, and Rudolph by a realistic fireplace. 
  • A group of residents were taken on the bus to Orangeburg Edisto Gardens to see the Christmas lights one night. 
  • Residents also took part in the Blackville Christmas parade on the bus. 
  • We had visits from children’s choirs visited and sang Christmas carols!
  • We had a Christmas party with food and presents. 
  • Santa visited!
  • We watched Christmas movies! Polar Express with hot chocolate was a crowd pleaser! 

Many wonderful memories were made as we celebrated the holidays.

The residents always enjoy the 1:1 visit, newspaper talk, small talk, nail care, games, and music therapy. The residents love to sit on the porch when the weather is nice. An activity calendar is placed in several areas throughout the facility and in the residents’ rooms.

In February, staff and residents voted for a king and queen. We had a Valentine Cake trolley and the crowning of the King and the Queen.